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Old Comments:

2009-10-16 10:59:37
While staying around Lake Chapala, we were going to drive to San Miguel Allende for an overnighter, but I got food poisoning in Ajijic. Don't eat anything that is not cooked, no liquids (not even ice cube) unless it's sealed, no fruit unless you can peal it. I made the stupid mistake of putting sour cream on my baked potato. Drats, it was New Years Eve and I was sick for four days. I had lost my visa; I needed to present it before boarding the plane for my return. The Guadalajara airport immigration guy tried to get money from me before releasing the visa. I refused to budge, both of us not giving in, so a long line formed in the meantime. He finally got mad and threw the visa at me. Then, while stopping at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport to change planes, airport security was a nightmare. They got really nasty with me when I didn't obey quickly enough to remove my shoes. What a trip!
2009-10-15 21:41:03
Gracias otra vez, Senora....San Miguel is a very pretty and colorful town...the old Aztec Eagle, from Laredo down to the DF, used to stop there and two thirds of the gringos would get finally got so over-run with Nortenos it hardly even felt like Mexico any'd sit in a cafe and hear more English than Spanish..but it is no doubt still a place of great charm and physical beauty....