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Old Comments:

2008-03-28 22:54:39
Come to think of it, maybe the elevator consists not of the little section directly underneath the tail but tabs to the left and right of it. But since those spindly little legs visible on the left don't look much like landing gear, this photo may be of a mock-up intead of an actual plane.
2008-03-28 22:52:08
Also, note the elevator just below the rudder. It looks awfully small compared to the rudder, which implies that the craft has much more control over yaw than pitch. If this craft could fly at all, it couldn't make a sharp turn because if it rolled the little elevator didn't have much force to keep the nose up as the wing(s) lost lift when the airplane banked.
2008-03-28 22:46:59
This appears to be a round-wing aircraft rather than a hovercraft since that rudder won't work unless air is passing it at high speed. Also, there appear to be ailerons on the left and right edges. What I don't see is how this craft is powered, which might be obscured by the photo. The USA once experimented with a "flying flapjack" aircraft since its long wing section gave it an especially low stalling speed. They abandoned the project since they couldn't find a useful role for the plane.