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Old Comments:

2008-08-29 13:41:20
No, it's not bad, it's actually very interesting. As I said, some ghastly ghosty persons had just then been after me and I thought and they'd taken your name and posted this and meant it as an affront, seeing that it's about a Poppy Seed Lady who is everything that the last sentence implies! ;-) One can get a bit paranoid here, what with all the creeps and misfits around...
2008-08-29 10:45:07
I found it as a poppy poem! not my works, author unknown! is it bad ?
2008-08-28 11:51:15
2008-08-28 06:43:50
THE POPPY SEED LADY..... (Author: Unknown)..... A time of magicians and spells A beautiful maiden was created Her name Postomani, Poppy Seed Lady Born of a mouse with the power of speech, And then transformed it into a cat, a dog, an ape, a boar Before her final transformation A royal tale was then spun of deceit, love and death The Poppy Seed Lady's flesh and bone of her untimely death Grew a plant called Posto - The Poppy Tree From this plant will be obtained a drug called opium, Either smoked or swallowed a wondrous feeling was created If abused, it will generate the consumer one quality of each of the animals To which Postomani has been transformed He will be mischievous like a mouse, Fond of milk like a cat, Quarrelsome like a dog, Filthy like an ape, Savage like a boar, High tempered like a queen.