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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2008-09-06 02:45:42
frog: "Ah. So you have figured me out. Alas, it is too late."
2008-09-05 11:04:35
Thats great lilly!! and funny too cause after I saw him up here I kept thinking maybe I should apologize to lilly, I mean he may not be the best looking frog,,but then I thought no, lilly likes frogs, so I feel better now : )
2008-09-05 10:55:03
Thanks skip !................... ,,,,,,,The Frog,,,,,,,, Be kind and tender to the Frog, And do not call him names, As "Slimy skin," or "Polly-wog," Or likewise "Ugly James," Or "Gap-a-grin," or "Toad-gone-wrong," Or "Bill Bandy-knees": The Frog is justly sensitive To epithets like these.............By Hilaire Belloc Ive seen poppy use her work !