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Old Comments:

2008-08-03 01:20:00
that's fine willya, I understand your friend, I use to have a big fear of bee's then I saved a bee who was stuck in between a window and ever since then I made peace with bee's!! haha
2008-08-02 22:18:22
Actually ... If you dont mind, I'd like to send this pic to a friend of mine who is having trouble with bees hahahahaha I think she needs to make peace with her inner bee.
2008-08-02 22:13:03
you know what's funny about this pic, is when I posted it it kept going up and down minus one plus one. it was as if people knew they should minus it but they were having trouble doing it...I dont blame them it looks virtually delicious to me too : )haha
2008-08-02 22:00:16
Will this go right to my virtual hips? lol