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Old Comments:

2009-01-04 05:13:14
Drats - I thought with this photo that Kevin might come back to tell you where you could have improved on your photoshop technique ;-)
2009-01-03 23:13:29
I wish we could write him an email with invitation to come back.. as well as to Gripweed
2009-01-03 20:53:37
No, no connie! No competition! I didn't made this picture!! I only found it in the net! It's possible that kevin himself made it!!! :-) But I saw it and it reminds me of his great works! So that's why I posted it!
2009-01-03 11:47:50
Oops...I mean McWay Falls
2009-01-03 11:46:12
Very good cbg. I recognize McWall Falls in Calif. Kevin now has competition.
2009-01-03 10:08:29
excellent! I wonder what Kevin will come back with?
2009-01-03 08:38:21
Great pics man...where is that?, greetings