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Old Comments:

2008-10-27 02:42:35
Man...(no)...! Burro...(yes)...!
2008-08-17 21:27:35
I've read enough of your comments on this site, Mitch, to tell (a) you are a racist bigot and (b) you don't know your ass from a goddamn hole in the ground .
2008-08-15 06:59:09
It's true that Jimmy Carter was not a very good president, and will go down in history as one of the least effective. But he didn't get anybody killed. Bush failed to listen to the senior military people, especially the ones with ground combat experience ( Gen. Shinseki, Colin Powell and numerous others ) who tried to tell him he was going into Iraq without enough troops to control the country. Instead he listened to Don Rumsfeld ( who John McCain said was the worst Sec. of Defense in US history ), Cheny,Rove and Wolfowitz , none of whom had ever been in a war. The Iraq war will go down as the worst foreign policy blunder in US history, and Bush will go down as our worst president. Four thousand brave young Americans have died because of his failure to tell good advice from bad advice.
2008-08-15 06:41:45
Worst President ever in the history of the contest. Everyone seems to forget his presidency, Iran, double digit inflation, horrible GDP, gas wars, I could go on...but few really want to remember the truth.
2008-08-13 21:06:16
oops - i didn't know that. please excuse my lack of knowledge ;-)
2008-08-13 19:04:40
"Ah, I see. *That's* where they hid all the Weapons of Mass Destruction!"
2008-08-13 18:12:10
Yes, "history will tell us only one thing," so we must forget all of the other things history has "told" us in the past...
2008-08-13 16:10:22
history will tell us only one thing - namely that bush is the worst president ever and that the reputation of the USA has never been worse than under bush. and the world won't forget what has happened. but fools like you will never understand that.
2008-08-13 13:25:49
shabby excuse, matt. seems that bush-disciples are never at a loss for excusing his unprofessional behaviour... sonny750 And clowns like you are never at a loss for trying to pin bogus claims on him....plastic turkeys, caps on the binocs, blah, blah, blah. I guarantee you history will be much kinder on Bush than you idiots are.
2008-08-13 04:57:59
>>> ...federline? what's that in english???
2008-08-12 21:53:53
2008-08-12 20:28:56
shabby excuse, matt. seems that bush-disciples are never at a loss for excusing his unprofessional behaviour...
2008-08-05 18:15:54
That's a good one thanks!
2008-08-05 13:30:46
Sorry, you have no standing. As long as Bush acts stupidly in public, it is fair to bash him. Only when he's an ex-president will bashing him will be old (unless he voices an opinion on future 'current events').
2008-08-05 09:07:15
bashing Bush is gotten really old/repetitive/silly ...
2008-08-05 05:53:32
you haven't posted a single picture and thus not contributed in any way to this site - but that doesn't hinder you from having a big mouth here. so, who do you think you are, telling others which pics they have to post?
2008-08-05 01:56:33
Bush...what a turd. Bush-bashers...the degree of lameness has gone off the chart. start bashing McCain or Obama, at least for a bit of change. morons.
2008-08-04 18:38:02
hoped you like it ;-)
2008-08-04 18:21:20