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Old Comments:

2011-10-12 06:46:40
Lovely photo, thank you, CatMint2. I have been trying to comment on your great cat pics for some time - especially loved the one of the cat with beautiful eyes "Waiting for Lunch" but every time I tried to to post my comment I simply got a "Bad Request" rejection. So I hope you see this. Please keep on posting beautuful kitties.
2011-10-12 00:15:23
You are very welcome, CatMint2. And that's ok about not putting love instead of like.... :)
2011-10-11 15:16:43
Thanks, PictureGirl. - I first wrote "love" and then changed it to "like" because I didn't want to go over the top. Should have followed my instinct, I see. :)
2011-10-11 14:49:43
Thankyou so much, CatMint2. This photo has gone into my favourites. I'll just correct you on one thing if that's ok..... I don't just like cats, I LOVE them ! In fact, I adore them. My 2 cats are my best friends. Thankyou again, CatMint2. And I'm glad that you are still able to post under another name. Have a great day/night..... :)
2011-10-11 14:44:26
I first posted as CatMint but someone registered the name, perhaps a person who does not like cats and wanted to prevent me from posting more cats. Didn't work. :D