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Old Comments:

2011-07-02 10:34:09
I do remember the username ArdyceJean, but nothing else....except you stopped posting for a while, then posted a few photos, and saying since they were getting downvoted badly, you would finish posting whatever you had, and then stop. Am I recalling correctly? I'm very sorry that my linking you with ArdyceJean caused your uploads to get downvoted. I apologize for that. Unfortunately, to post this photo for me, will now cause your uploads to get downvoted badly. You are brave, and so is PictureGirl ;-) I agree that the votes are for the posters and not the photos. While I was away for over four months, my friend posted a lot of photos (from my folder) using different names. Most of the photos got huge votes - not what my uploads get. Pixdaus could never be like other photo sites, because it is the only one that has a ranking (see 'Top'). This creates a competitive atmosphere to get to the top - using whatever means. Also, Pixdaus is the only photo site where the majority (95%+) of photos uploaded are not by the photographers.
2011-07-02 07:22:46
Hello Connie: My former Pixdaus identity was ArdyceJean and most of the photos that I uploaded under that name were of ethnic children around the world. When my photo uploads under the name of ArdyceJean started getting very heavy downvotes, with many going from 0 to -13 in a matter of a few hours, I quit posting altogether. Later I had a few dog photos that I thought were rather nice and I posted them as K9 Poster, a name inspired by Feline Poster, who was rather active at the time and even now posts occasionally. These two dog photos did quite well. I posted a few more dog photos as K9 Poster and then tried a repost, reposting an AryceJean post that had been quickly voted down to -13. The repost, of a photo that had been originally downvoted to -13 in hours, quickly rose up to +45. Pretty good proof, as far as I was concerned, that voting here is based a lot more on the name of the uploader than it is on the quality of the photo. It was you that first put the two names, K9 Poster and ArdyceJean, together. Something that I admitted to at the time. However my vote results quickly started going down from that time on. It is too bad that Pixdaus is not an internet photo site where people would base their votes on the photo itself rather than other criteria.
2011-07-02 07:00:27
I certainly remember username K9 poster, but I had not seen any uploads from you for a long time. Cyber buddies is nice ;-) But, I don't remember discovering your former/alter Pixdaus identify. Please please, I hate unsolved mysteries, so give me a hint.
2011-07-02 05:59:23
Thank you very much K9 Poster (pssst...Canada Day is today, July 1 ;-). I went for brunch with friends this morning and toasted the dear country with 2 mimosas. Tonight, we go for the fireworks...maybe... The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are in Canada for a few days. They chose Canada for their first trip abroad as marrieds, because William says it's his favourite country aaaaahhhh (clap clap). In Ottawa today, then Montreal and Quebec City (hope they don't get booed). The real fun for this young couple is when they get to Calgary for the famous Calgary Stampede....none of this boring Eastern stuff. Next weekend, we celebrate Vancouver's 125th birthday, so more mimosas, wine, margaritas, tequila sunrises and good old B.C. cider when I'm really thirsty.
2011-07-02 05:32:45
Happy Canada Day, Connie. I am pretty certain that you don't remember me at all, but we were somewhat of 'cyber buddies' last year after you discovered my former/alter Pixdaus identity.