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Old Comments:

2008-11-12 06:57:28
sorry, hen26ry, that's the s.f./oakland bay bridge, this picture was taken from just north of the san francisco side (the sf giants at+t-pac-bell park is just south of the bridge and maybe a quarter of a mile south from where the photographer was standing), and looking towards treasure island; just as the tags for the picture read. i'm sure of this information, as i have ridden or driven over both of these bridges hundreds of times in the last twenty years.
2008-11-11 23:30:56
Nope, that's not the Golden Gate. Look at the towers. Their construction is uniquely different from the Golden Gate's. Plus, the Golden Gate Bridge does not run through Treasure Island.
2008-11-11 22:10:48
This is not the S.F. Baybridge. It's the Golden Gate Bridge.