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Old Comments:

2010-03-17 14:10:40
Thankyou for doing that, Poppy. I'm glad that Chris will know about this problem. I hope he will fix things soon.
2010-03-17 12:05:10
thanks everyone, i'm glad to hear it's not just me, my pc gives me enough trouble already without any help from pixdaus, I hope they clear it up fast, because it's too much work scrolling left and right and you need a magnifying glass to see the titles!
2010-03-17 11:54:00
Hi folks... yes, Pixdaus is all messed up, at least when you're logged in - when you log out, everything's normal and the notice about the new platform etc is still there. I was going to post but the darn font is so small that I would not be able to see what I was writing in the pic posting windows. ;-) I just wrote to Chris about the messed-up pages because he might not even have seen them as I don't think he'd log in as someone to see the pages and might even think that all's ok.
2010-03-17 11:46:41
I too am having trouble with Pixdaus today and I'm glad it's not just me. I hope they fix things soon, because I'm getting rather cross eyed looking at the pics this way...
2010-03-17 11:31:51
..a new platorm is certainly in order..the old one was made of bamboo poles lashed together with binder's was built in Russia, and although they did the best they could under the circumstances it sometimes wobbled alarmingly and swayed dangerously in the slightest breeze..the new one will be made from pressure-treated yellow-pine 4x4's held together with 1/2 in stainless steel bolts, with 3/8ths in steel re-inforcing plates at crucial stress points...should be a huge improvement if the contractors have adhered to the engineering specs....
2010-03-17 10:54:36
I see exactly what you see Skip. There was for a brief period a note saying Pixdaus was going to a new platform.
2010-03-17 10:51:34
Hi Skip...yep, all kinds of wonkiness here today, maybe something to do with the move to the new platform....guess you saw the notices advising folks to register their user names "before it's too late".......hope the new site lives up to our expectations....
2010-03-17 10:23:24
I like the contrast of these bright flowers with the mist in the background, good pic Robot! I was wondering if anyone else is having trouble with pixdaus today? I have to scroll over to find the vote button, and the print is sometimes very small, and the first pic on each page is off in right field somewhere.