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Old Comments:

2008-07-22 03:51:51
phylosophy picture...
2008-06-27 18:14:02
It was a spoof on Robin Hood, and specifically lampooned a BBC version of the tale. John Cleese played Dennis Moore, a thief trying to redress social inequalities, but he wasn't quite up to the job. As part of the zaniness, he would steal lupines, and bring the flowers to the peasants he was trying to aid.
2008-06-25 20:47:58
Am a long-time M.P.F.C. fan, but must have missed that one...or...maybe Oi've 'ad too many blows to the 'ead..
2008-06-25 15:50:08
Or your lupine slinger could just be a fan of Monty Python's Flying Circus -- (if you've seen the show, you'll know why I used this song as a reference) -- "Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore, riding through the glen/ Dennis Moore, Denis Moore, has lots of friends/ Robs from the poor, gives to the rich/ the stupid bitch."
2008-06-24 19:49:52
There are at least five varieties of Lupinus that grow in various parts of Texas, and they are all called Blue's ( they're) the State of the quickest ways to expose yourself as a yankee is to call 'em callin' a cedar tree a juniper, or callin' a possum an o'possum...
2008-06-24 17:07:14
YW. If memory serves I found that at If interested you may be able to obtain a larger copy there.
2008-06-24 13:05:34
thank you for this picture, yes, they are lupines
2008-06-24 12:07:07
2008-06-24 02:59:14
That has to be Texas -- bluebonnets!