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Old Comments:

2009-10-30 08:47:03
Many thanks for that, peasant. I appreciate it very much... :)
2009-10-29 20:23:41
Foto by Nattallia Shloma.
2009-10-29 19:57:22
Thanks for that input, poppy. Maybe that's why I couldn't find out anything about their names. I've since located the pics again and have come up with the following info.... bouquet with hollyhocks Raspberries and a bouquet of wildflowers on Yandex.fotki Hope this helps with identifying who the photographers are for these 2 pics...:)
2009-10-29 15:03:29
All the Russian sites (that I have come across) where the photographers themselves upload the pics display the author names. Some of them, however, withhold the names for the newest pics for a few hours or till the next day.
2009-10-29 14:04:42
I've never read War and Peace. Far too long for me, I'm afraid. Yes, the Russian photographers have some very beautiful photos. This site brings out the very best of them, that's for sure !
2009-10-29 09:51:44
I know it can be difficult at times. There seem to be many beautiful Russian images on the site - I have come across some marvellous Russian photographers here. Nothing to do with photos, but as a Russian speaker can you recommend the best translation of War and Peace?
2009-10-28 19:50:39
Yes, I find that shame too, Gabrielle. I'm sorry about that. I found this on a Russian website and even though I translated this to english, I couldn't find the photographer's name there.. :(
2009-10-28 17:32:53
Beautifully composed, pity there is no credit for the photographer.