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Old Comments:

2010-05-19 00:20:08
..why bother, though, when you can eat hibscus flowers or day lilies right off the bush ?
2010-05-18 23:51:13
Ewww, not very nice for the soldiers being poisoned. I agree, it IS a nice plant. Ants are also attracted to the plant... probably because it is sticky. It has an unusual scent too. Just looked up photos of this plant in Flickr. According to this link, you CAN use oleander in food. They must make it so in a way that will not harm anyone. Though I don't know how.
2010-05-18 23:35:24
Correct about the smoke, fact there's a story ( of which there are at least a couple of versions ) about soldiers beng poisoned by cooking meat using oleander sticks for one version they are Napoleon's troops down Spain...and another story about Roman soldeirs poisoned by eating honey made from oleander flowers...but it's a beautiful ornamental plant that does well in poor soil and is drought-tolerant..we have one in our side yard the size of a small tree, covered with big white blossoms this time of year...
2010-05-18 12:57:19
Many thanks for the extra information about the bougainvillea, Patito. I've never heard of anyone being poisoned by that either. My dad had that growing along the fence line at his house and he took it out. He never had any harm come to him as a result of that. The same with oleander. I had that growing in my front yard when I lived in a house and I used to take some of that inside and put it in a vase. It's not a very good cut flower though. My hands used to get quite sticky with the sap of that. I never knew back then (which was more than 20 years ago) that it was a poisonous plant. I've read that if even if you use the wood of that plant for barbeques, the smoke will go into the meat and poison it. So if you ate whatever you cooked on there, chances are you'd be very sick. Just as well it doesn't taste too good for the kids.... Perhaps that is the reason why that's so... :)
2010-05-18 12:49:20
Bougainvillea sap is poisonous, and can cause a poison ivy-like rash, but the plants are all over the placde where we live and I have never, ever heard of a single case of anyone being poisoned by them. Maybe kinda like oleander, which are also pretty poisonous , but they're all over the place here too and I've never heard of anyone actually being poisoned by them either. I've read that just a couple of leaves could kill a small child, but the taste is reputed to be so awful it's impossible to imagine anyone eating even a single bite.
2010-05-18 10:31:26
You are very welcome, Coy. I wouldn't worry about not remembering what the plant is. I do that sometimes with different things too. I'm glad that the plant didn't hurt you after handling it. I have a friend here that touched a rhus tree on purpose, just to prove a point to me about whether it would give him an itch and sores. Nothing happened to him, I was glad too, because I understand that the rhus tree can give you a very nasty rash.... :(
2010-05-18 10:20:23
Thank you so much Mary. I must be losing my marbles because I lived in San Diego for many years, 23 years to be exact and there are plenty of Bougainvillea out there. Matter of fact, I had a very large one growing over a trellis which ran over a double gate going from front yard to the back yard. I love this site. a person can learn so very much from here. I never knew that they were toxic either. I was always pruning mine and nothing ever happened to me. Thanks again Mary..
2010-05-18 09:47:56
You've taught me something about this plant Coy, just because you posted this photo of this plant. Many thanks for that. After reading what Wikipedia says about this plant, I never knew that it is toxic, in the same way as poison oak/ivy. So if you are going to work with it, just watch you don't get into contact with the sap and thorns of Bougainvillea....
2010-05-18 09:43:32
This is Bougainvilliea, Coy. Beautiful photo too... :)
2010-05-18 09:36:34
Picture Girl (Mary) . If you read this maybe you can identify this flower for me. Or anyone else in Pizdaus - Land. I have seen it before, but I can not come up with the name today. Thank you all..