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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-08-23 09:35:16
...Chow Bambino, my favourite also! Lamb noisettes! Although with the Bambi reference one would first think of venison, but as Florence is so fond of deer as animals - she campaigns vehemently against deerhunting - she uses lamb, instead.
2008-08-23 08:03:56
I'm not surpised that you know Florence. You seem to realy get around. And of course she's almost a legend around Hattiesburg, partly because she was the very first person in that part of the state to open an Italian restaurant, back when all you could get around there was fried chicken and barbeque. But after John Bob made a fortune in the discount funeral home business they started traveling and she fell in love with what she still calls "eye-talian" cookin'. Hope you had a chance to sample some of her famous entres, like her "Chitlins Florentine," or "Collards LaScala," or my personal favorite, "Chow Bambino."
2008-08-22 22:24:41
What a coincidence, Patito, I know Florence Mayfield! She is a through-and-through Hattiesburgian, being a descendent of Capt. William Hardy. She has an Italian restaurant, La Pergola, on the Main Street, which I had an occasion to visit in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina had dome some extensive damage in the city. That did not slow Florence down one bit; even though power was out, she set up a Bar-B-Q in the garden of her restaurant and carried on as usual. We had a most memorable meal! I can well understand her thinking that the locals of this Italian town were “crooked as a barrel of snakes” because she said that they could not cook as well as she did! Some professional jealousy there, no doubt. I heartily recommend La Pergola, if you’re ever in Hattiesburg!
2008-08-22 19:48:30
Definitely not Florence, unless it packed up and moved to the coast.
2008-03-15 09:18:56
Florence? Are you sure? This really looks like one of the Cinque Terre towns to me.
2008-03-15 03:05:41
That's a really cool picture. Love it! It soooo reminds me of Tenby in South Wales, UK.