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Posted By:ocicat

Old Comments:

2009-02-22 09:02:28
They're not even big. I don't like the shape. The ocean looks creepy, in this shot. I do love the shot.
2008-04-30 14:44:36
O.K. I did some digging.Here are the facts.Bill Evans is a musician,this image was used for the album "Undercurrents" released in 1962 by United Artists.The Photographer is credited as Toni Frissell.
2008-04-04 22:17:24
Amazing photo. Arte por mil.
2008-03-28 04:12:13
I like the tits!!!
2008-01-22 17:00:37
this is from the album 'undercurrent' by bill evans. google it
2008-01-22 16:20:15
I wish they'd had her with just the nightgown. Not for the 'naughty bits'; I think it would have looked more diaphanous...more flowing. Or mebbe not. It is a wonderful photo art. The background contrast is great, with the sand, and the clear water.
2008-01-22 09:43:05
I'd love to, but I got this off another pic collection website, and the artist wasn't listed there. Do you know who took this?
2008-01-22 09:29:35
give credit to the photographer please!!