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2010-11-20 06:17:11
“FLOATING OBSERVATORIES” Proposal by Dorin STEFAN’s DSBA, Mihai CARCIUN and wins the “Taiwan Tower” Conceptual International Competition. This is a Tower concept that was developed from a tech tree spatial leaf 8 (with eight to be exact numbers in the local culture) in the form of elevator zeppelin as it slid up and down the ‘tree’ and which serve the purpose of observation decks / corridor. Tower It is also equipped with an elevator that can take 50 to 80 people, which is self-sustained by helium balloons and built from lightweight materials (borrowed from the spacecraft industry) and wrapped in a kind of last generation membranes (PTFE) and their vertical sliding point is positioned vertically in the electro-magnetic field strong “- Dorin STEFAN, Principal, DSBA.