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Old Comments:

2008-09-05 04:43:45
c.b.g, no humor is not my field. my field would blow your mind.
2008-09-04 14:48:04
...and HUMOUR is obviously not your field :-(
2008-09-04 10:50:17
c.b.g., dude, thanks for the elementary geology lesson, which was completely unnecessary, but you can't do the " ;o) ", it doesn't make sense. but i'm glad you finally learned what a fjord is. geology is a fascinating field, you should follow your nascent passion.
2008-09-04 05:59:02
"A fjord or fiord (pronounced /fjɔːd/ or pronounced /fiːɔːd/) is a long, narrow inlet with steep sides, created in a valley carved by glacial activity." Just to let you know! ;o)
2008-09-04 05:27:44
be glad you don't drive a Sjevy Sjilverado.
2008-09-03 11:55:08
Just traded my last F-150 in for a Tacoma..bought my wife a new 500 a couple of years ago that has so many little things wrong with it that I'll probably trade it pretty soon for a Toyota or a Honda..been driving Fjords all my life and it breaks my heart to say it, but they just don't have their shit together anymore....mighty sad situation..
2008-09-03 09:30:19
At Fjord, quality is job one!
2008-09-03 02:11:50
Have you driven a Fjord, lately? Sorry for the bad pun/reference to US advertising.