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Old Comments:

2010-05-19 15:34:40
Well, to my way of thinking, if it's there, it should work if it can. Wonder what the show would be that is on it.... 'On The Busus', seeing that it's all at a bus stop ? Not a fan of that show, actually. Or maybe they will have the Hollies song 'Bus Stop' playing. Don't mind that song. Quite pleasant to listen to...:)
2010-05-19 15:23:20
It´s probably just for decoration - or not - it looks like a very remote place, so I wonder how long a bus takes to come needs some distraction meanwhile :P
2010-05-19 15:01:59
Could be. I own a battery powered TV, but it is only small. This one looks like the normal sized TV's that they sell. I've never seen one like that work on battery power....
2010-05-19 14:59:44
Could it be a battery-powered one? ;-)
2010-05-19 14:49:06
I'd put pansies, primulas, stocks, gazanias, phlox, forget me nots and geraniums. That'd sure colour things up then. That is sad Jujuba that people would steal things where you are too. And goodness me, squatters too !! Unbelievable. I'm just wondering.... how would that TV work ? Where is the plug for the power out there ?
2010-05-19 14:34:50
Oooh same here in Brazil Mary...either they´d take everything home, or there´d be someone living in there permanently :-| And yes, that flower bed is kinda dead comparing to the rest...what kinda flower/plant would you put in it? ;-)
2010-05-19 14:33:29
You mean you saw it in person? Or in another photo?
2010-05-19 13:15:02
It's surprising that nothing gets stolen from there. If we did that here, there'd be nothing left in it. And I would be putting some lovely flowers in the flower box too, just to set it all off and make it look just that little bit more special and appealing.... :)
2010-05-19 13:03:59
Yeah, there's not a lot to do on Unst... ;) Seriously though, this bus stop is awesome. I saw it last year, done up on a space-age kind of scheme. I wonder what the next re-decoration will be?