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Posted By:A Bouts

Old Comments:

2008-12-01 21:49:57
I figure what happened here was that she had everything in the correct position, then the fish jumped over the boat, and she'd just switched sides and hadn't had a chance to turn the rig over when the photo was snapped. That's pretty common, really..I've had 'em jump over the boat, run underneath, then jump over the boat again... get your line all messed are smarter than people think...
2008-12-01 21:38:10
It's funny how some things just get to you more than other things. Also, modern spinning reels are reversible and the handle can be switched to either side. I have a friend who bought all LH baitcasters so he wouldn't have to switch hands after the cast. He figured he got an extra 20-30 min. of having the lure in the water during a typical tournament. He ended up switching back to the RH. Never could not get used to reeling in with the left hand.
2008-12-01 13:19:40
Sorry, it is still wrong. They make left handed reels. This is just unacceptable and I cannot budge on this one.
2008-11-30 22:44:27
OK, then the reason she has it upside down is because it is a rod and reel for a southpaw and she is righthanded. How's that? ;-)
2008-11-30 22:31:27
You can see the top of the spool above the rod and the handle in her right hand is to long to be a baitcaster reel.
2008-11-30 21:49:03
Where do you see the reel? I just see both of her hands. Below her left hand, you can see something coming down which looks suspiciously like the metal piece that connects the reel to the rod, so the reel is hiding behind her right hand and is, therefore, in its correct place on the underside of the rod. Not all us lady fishing enthusiasts are stupid.
2008-11-30 14:33:52
2008-11-30 01:27:07
The one problem with this pic is that she is holding the fishing pole upside down. It's a spinning rod and the reel should be hanging on the underside
2008-11-30 00:06:00
Thank You.
2008-11-29 22:04:26
That's a great shot, no doubt Abouts it !