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Posted By:younis

Old Comments:

2009-03-16 15:10:15
Hi Younis - You're new at this site, so don't worry. Don't remove the photos you uploaded. But, from now on, you could perhaps post less. This gives a chance for the other posters to upload theirs. Speaking for myself, I find that if there are less photos, I can take time to really look at them. There are other posters who post too many in a day...two comes to mind ;-)
2009-03-16 13:07:15
you are so right . and i am sorry. can u tel me how to removed some pic that i uploaded.. please thanks ,,
2009-03-11 13:21:04
you may have posted a few good pics among the millions you posted BUT now you are being voted down because nobody wants nothing but YOU YOU YOU YOUNIS!