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2008-04-30 18:26:00
It looks like a little glasshouse,in fact it's parking for shopping carts.
2008-04-30 18:05:39
I hate to ask a dumb question but over here (australia) we have nothing like this. What is it for?
2008-04-30 13:29:22
You know what though.....I've always wanted to park like that at Sam's, especially when it was snowing
2008-04-30 13:05:43
Hey! He thought it was the carwash!
2008-04-30 05:07:01
or maybe a "hat-driver" :-)
2008-04-30 00:33:32
:-D guy from Sumperk in Czech Republic (according the registration plate). The car shows that it's a low income idiot (car worth about 100 Euros)