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Old Comments:

2008-05-18 00:21:47
dont feed the troll (aka) F*&$WAR
2008-05-17 06:31:58
Naw: epiphannyy's been on a tear lately, posting Tuskegee photos as fast as possible. What's yer point exactly?
2008-05-10 23:12:50
People like "Fuckwar" are only here to create a nuisance, and in my mind don't need to be responded to because of that fact. If you look at their profile, they only joined when these photos were posted and the only activity was spamming them with the same "War shit. Fuck off!" comment. They've not posted a picture or done anything since making these comments. I totally agree with your comment, however..war is hell and war is not something I am attempting to gratify with these photos. In fact, if one looks at my postings, they will see both sides of that issue represented. However, history IS what it is and should never be forgotten. That is why I posted them. To honor those who have served and sacrificed, but also remember where we've been so we might find ways to avoid the same path in the future.
2008-05-10 21:28:45
Dear Fuckwar...I understand your lack of enthusiasm for war and for war-related photographs....War is, as General George Sherman famously observed, Hell..It is also,however, very much a part of human history, and no one can understand himself or his society ( or herself and her society ) without an understanding of history. And an understanding of history includes the history of war, warfare, and warriors.
2008-05-10 16:11:42
War shit. Fuck off!