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Old Comments:

2009-03-01 20:25:42
Hi McCartney, the main problem on this site is the webmaster/controller(s). They, he/she/it, control what is uploaded and into what category. Separate to the recent porn category created there is another category where pics are dumped. I found that several interesting pictures I uploaded recently did not appear. That was not accidental! The implication is that the webmaster/controller(s) also down-votes and posts comments on pictures.
2009-02-23 09:39:46
Greetings Mac...Don't let it get you down. you have excellent photos . points really don't big prize . if you enjoy looking at great photos , then this is for you . sometimes a troll will stroll into the site and try to make everyone day bad . just hang around and enjoy .it can be tuff sometimes ,but you can don it !
2009-02-23 04:29:50
Mac, I'm with patito on that one, don't let the bastards get you down.
2009-02-23 04:26:10
Sorry McCartney- I spelled your name wrong. I have a friend who's last name was McCarthney.
2009-02-23 04:24:30
McCartney, I checked all your photos; they are, for the most part, good, and you did well on the votes, despite what you think. In a year, I have posted 399 photos, with 208 becoming popular (about 52%). In only a week, you have posted 100 photos, with 79 becoming popular (79%). Here's where you are right: (1) Some resent new posters at the beginning, especially if they post nice photos. They feel threatened, I guess. (2) Some say that some posters cheat by voting for themselves. I don't know how that can be done. To find out, I tried to vote for one of my photos and it didn't work. However, I see that some posters get very high votes, and it's consistently the same people. (3) Some voters vote for who they like and not necessarily for the photo. (3) Premium Users get triple votes (they vote once and it counts for 3 - up or down). They can add to tags. I have recently just learned that when I became a premium user (after obtaining so many points). I think that is undemocratic as it should be one voter one vote. Also, to add nasty things to a tag is unfair to the poster. Everyone has the right to downvote a photo (hopefully voting fairly). What I consider is a beautiful photo (subject, light, composition, etc), may not be the opinion of anyone else. I have gotten a lot of votes for a photo of a kitten and chick together (not particularly good photography), yet hardly any votes for some that have won national and regional awards, or photos that were very informative or had an interesting story to it (or so I thought). Here are some tips if you decide to stay: (1) Don't upload that many photos in a week, or too many in a day. Some resent that and will downvote you for that reason. (2) Try to ensure that you don't post what has already been posted; it's not fair to the original poster. You can check by keying some words under 'Search photos'. That button no longer works for me...and maybe also the same for you and others, but try. I sent two emails to Pixdaus; they never responded. (3) I think that you expected too much after only a week. Some posters have been here for over two years. Try not to take it too seriously. (4) Register your username, but don't identify yourself, and don't use your regular email address (get another one). I got this tip from the other posters. Try again McCarthney and have fun with it ;-)
2009-02-23 03:33:48
Sorry to see you go, posted some good photos..thing is, this site is open to the public..that means anybody can post anything and anybody can vote...the posters who have stuck it out have done so despite all the problems you've experienced, and takes a certain amount of guts, spunk, and determination to stay here, stand your ground, and not cut and run...I hope you decide to stick it out, but if not, it was nice having you if only for a short while..
2009-02-23 03:23:03
This site sucks! I was here for a week only but I have learned a lot in this time: it is not important to upload good pictures! It is only important who you are and if you had the chance to vote for your own pics! My pictures were downvoted systematicaly in this week! The last time a few minutes ago: from 13 to 8. Can happen? But not two pics in the same time! What is this here for a playschool? (With “teachers” who add the “right” tags!) Did you treat every newcomer like that? Other upload what they want and have 30 votes always! Go ahead with that and this site will raise a very special audience! But not with me! I’m off! The admins should do something! Perhaps to cover the uploaders name until you vote for the pic! Have fun in this madhouse!