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Old Comments:

2008-07-07 22:47:46
there she's not
2008-04-15 19:27:52
WTH? :)
2008-04-14 16:06:07
looks like a posed 'after-the-event' job to me!
2008-04-14 10:10:58
There are two layers of 3/8 plywood, no one could break through that without serious injury. Plus there are wood pieces thrown in the ring. Unlikely.
2008-04-14 08:45:11
It's amusing that with so many pictures on pixdaus getting pegged as having been edited in photoshop, that this picture shows up and people comment on it as if it were the record of a true event...
2008-04-14 08:32:17
it's true ?? looks like a part of an ad ...
2008-04-14 03:54:35
I'm propably a party pooper, but I don't think pictures of people getting hurt are very cool or fun to look at...
2008-04-14 01:08:58
Maybe her partner should not have thrown her so hard.
2008-04-13 23:42:55
Pixdauaz is unfortunately trolled by young men with irritable, short attention spans, who think something has been posted twice because they've seen it somewhere else... They want to see things that will keep them stoked, which means a picture is best if it shows nipples.
2008-04-13 21:57:02
Its the first time I have seen it!!! The skater must have hit that barrier with an almighty bang - and after that she tries to get up again. I trust she was not badly hurt! By the way 'Und Kein Name,' why the use of offensive language?
2008-04-13 00:47:31
it seems you have a lot of time to watch all 850 pages here...
2008-04-13 00:26:54
fucking double postings..... seen several times here