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Old Comments:

2010-12-13 07:37:37
On second, or third, thought I think that perhaps you were trying to make a statement (ignoring the first two sentences as irelevant). All flickr photos have either 'All right reserved by...', some with the added 'The photographer has disabled the downloading...' or 'Some rights reserved by...' or 'Creative Common', All of us, except PictureGirl and one or two more, post copyright photos. I put a notice on Pixdaus re copyright laws, and sent a copy to Chris @ Pixdaus. What is bothering me is people who have managed to circumvent the 'The photographer has disabled the downloading..." Two posters just recently posted photos that had that (one being JChip8). Some are able to remove writing on the photos by photographers (again JChip8). That's going too far!
2010-12-12 13:33:18
Typical Patito comment - gross
2010-12-12 04:21:28
2010-12-12 00:23:22
Then quit sniffin' your armpit .. :)
2010-12-11 17:39:07
I smell a rat or rats
2010-12-11 15:49:10
Thanks Happy Jack. I also thought he was innovative ;-) I don't think it's alpenglow - just a rosy sky.
2010-12-11 15:08:48
A great photo Connie, but I wonder. It looks like alpinglow on the mountains in the background, however the foreground field of flowers seem in full sunlight. Do you know anything more about this? Incidentally it is quite innovative in the manner that Aaron Reed applied his copyright notice.