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Old Comments:

2008-08-01 22:59:56
LOL pop
2008-08-01 16:46:42
Yes, fyidfyid. She is 15 and three-quarters and a half. Her name is Shy-Qui, pronounced 'Shee.' Her father's name is Mr Bo-Khan-Dee. The marriage gift, I understand, is one popcorn marinated in incandescent olive oil enlivened with one garlic clove and a cup of tea. Which should be presented on a 24 carat gold platter of 2 inches thick by 12 inches diameter, embedded across the upper surface with diamonds of 1 carat size each, polishes nicely of course, and one fig leaf stuck to the side. If you wish to proceed further with your proposal to marry Shy-Qui, you need to contact the Office of Homesickness and Sunshine, Kathmandu, South Pole.
2008-05-09 23:01:51
is the cutie on the far left old enough to marry? i must converse with her father.