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2011-08-31 09:53:29
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2010-08-09 15:54:21
Well, that makes sense from a western perspective but the reality is that in countries like India where poverty is so severe, the only chance parents have of knowing they'll be cared for in their old age is having enough children survive to do the job. Besides, if you can't afford food, you damned sure can't afford condoms.
2010-08-09 15:41:58
For real, what is the diference? You expend a fortune with food, the problem isn't that the usa family eat junk food, the problem is that the african family don't eat any kind of food!!!! Fuck! What's the world problem? why expend 400$ with food? or worse with a fucking cell phone, when the children of the world are dieing? Think better before complain about what is the problem in the pictures. Sorry my english is very rust.
2010-04-08 14:08:11
Ya there are some mistaken people out there, but it isn't the bible or mission that are the problem it's how these thing are used and how the world works, it is because of the bible and mission that millions are still alive and getting health care, if they didn't ask for support most of us would never know how bad it is else where. most aid efforts were started or are run by Christians. so before you dis the missions (and not all are against contraception which has it's place (to protect from AID's) but perhaps we should consider helping those already there and doing what we can to insure that all nations can support there people. (like instead of buying fast food save the money and give it to a good cause. Just an idea...)
2009-11-21 18:54:25
Tragic picture. When you get old the perspecive changes . . You cannot do things for these people. Just think about that when police is 're-patriating' them. This is the way people lived 1,000 years ago . .
2009-11-19 05:17:09
Tasha, I think the person who mentioned feeding kids crap for $1/week was being tongue-in-cheek. Other than that, I completely agree with what you have to say. I wanted to add, though, that it used to be that people spent ~25% of their income on food for their families. What do you think most people spend now - something like ~10%? If we went back to spending a higher percentage of our income on decent food instead of the NFL package on satellite, or the best cell phone currently on the market (plus $100 a month for service), we'd mostly be able to afford plenty of really good and good-for-us food. But, like Tasha mentioned, we should commit to spending a little time preparing meals. We were made to eat more from nature, and less from plastic and aluminum.
2009-11-19 05:07:55
False promises and outright lies? Even if the benefits are marginal, organic is better. Granted, it's now a huge industry, which, in a lot of ways, IS marginalizing the benefits, but if you had a home garden, growing vegetables and fruits seasonally, not using a bunch of pesticides (which are poisons that DO end up inside a lot of fruits and vegetables), your diet would be far superior (in myriad ways) to the common diet of those eating all their fruits and veggies from the local Wal-Mart. Also, organic or not, the centralization of food production has proven time and time again to be harmful to the population. If you make a sweeping generalization about people who "waste extra money on organic foods," you clearly know very little about food, food production, and its effect on people and the environment.
2009-11-17 21:07:27
Most Americans are to lazy to spend the time preparing a meal. They feel they are slaving in the kitchen if one spends more than a few minutes cooking, hence all the processed and packaged foods in the American family photo. The only fresh item is the tiny bit of fruit. For someone to say they should feed their kids crap for a $1/week is just ignorance. Money has different values for different areas. In a land that has threats of draughts on spends money on items that will last the longest. You can survive and be health spending less than $50/week in America. If you actually prepare a meal instead of looking for what is the fastest and easiest to make. If one takes into account that most American families are low-income house holds I can guarantee they aren't spending $341/week on food.
2009-11-12 13:28:31
The store of the German family looks disgusting. Are you sure that they don't own a mini-market?
2009-09-06 21:45:46
No..but you should be grateful that you were born where you were instead of in some third-world country where you might work just as hard and still only be able to spend a dollar a week on food for your children.
2009-09-06 14:53:06
I am assuming that the majority of people voting here are Americans. It's interesting that the socially responsible and realistic comments have the negative number of votes. Americans are seriously in denial. Of course, just look around at all the incredibly fat people in America and you'll see why we're in denial.
2009-09-01 03:40:17
Oh no! I will now go cry about how wasteful I have been, when instead of feeding my children good food with my hard earned money, I could be feeding them crap for only $1/week.
2009-09-01 02:08:35
Africa wins again!
2009-08-09 01:15:22
Catfood is a good value for the money, too...when my buddies are coming over to watch a game I open three or four cans of Friskies Ocean Whitefish and Tuna, stir in some horseradish mustard, a little cream cheese and some chopped onions and set it our with a bag or two of chips...'course I don't tell 'em what it is, but the guys love it !
2009-08-08 17:18:25
Same in America. The only way we can make our $550 a month budget is to shop for generic foods. I can't believe the morons here who actually waste extra money on organic foods because of false promises & outright lies about the "benefits."
2009-08-08 17:10:28
DDT only seems to be harmful to certain large endangered birds.
2009-08-08 17:07:50
If anything, we should start a national fund to run the missionaries out of Africa. I can just see them dangling bibles in front of starving children & forcing them to quote scripture before handing them a dirty ball of rice. I actually HEARD a very religious person say "Well, they didn't liseten to the pope's advice on abstanance & so they deserve AIDs." I then poured my hot coffee on his pants.
2009-08-08 17:02:23
I have a 4-adult-2-cat family & we spend $500-600 a MONTH. I think that first family could stand to cut back on the BEER a little. 1 can of catfood is 50 cents cheaper than a week's supply of food in Chad.
2009-07-31 06:51:03
No, see, the North Carolina picture has two pizzas and a Burger King meal.
2009-05-23 10:55:46
Ya, my husband and I both eat for only $400 PER MONTH!! Our groceries look completely unlike the groceries pictured in the american family's pic. If it was a picture of our food, half of the food in that pic would be fresh and frozen veggies and fruit! There'd be hardly any junkfood in that pic, and none of that processed crap. We eat for $400 a month for two people, and we eat damn good. If that's a pic of the average american diet, it's no wonder it's the fattest country!
2009-05-05 13:40:06
Starvation, condoms, birth control. Goodness. No one in any of these photos looks like their starving. And Africa is huge continent. Not everyone there is freakin' starving. Hell, there are people in my country--America--that are literally killing themselves by over eating crap. Than, they have kids that they teach to over eat crap, and so on and so forth. Till you have a nation with high rates of obesity, heart disease, cancer, etc. Eh, whatever. Arrogance and ignorance is unbecoming and just plain ugly.
2009-04-19 01:43:31
People need to understand that the cycle works other way around, the poor procreate to survive, they need children to work/hunt/farm and take care of the parents when the parents age. Economic prosper comes before child control, not the other way around.
2009-04-18 02:02:09
or just euro is expensive. But, not all people are spending so much money for food. In every house i'ts differend, but they show how much it costs in USD.
2009-04-09 07:39:50
That amount of food could barely feed just one child properly. Its mainly cheap grain.
2009-04-09 07:36:33
The Egyptian's family's food looks so yummy. MMMMM YUM.
2009-04-09 07:32:15
Sending condoms to starving people is like asking them to voluntarily end their lineage. Likewise, sending food only does not enable them to be able to create wealth in the future. Comments like yours discourage empathy, and intelligence. We can do better than that. In addition it requires character to give, and to have a generous spirit, and not degrade the recipient. Wealth (power) - without character is destructive.
2009-01-18 20:07:16
Poland 582 zotych ----151$ impossible it is to much we spend for food for week 200 zotych ----65$ that is true. 151$----haahah many people have that salary for one month. Sorry for my englisch...:(
2009-01-08 08:24:03
It's funny how we can all interprete the same photo differently. I see that German boy trying to look cool; which is important at that age.
2008-08-04 01:54:37
Read the back of a bottle sometime.
2008-06-20 22:56:24
It makes me mad seeing the pissed off expression on that german boy's face while he stands before a giant table of food compared to the other pictures of families in the world where the children just look happy to have food...
2008-06-16 23:30:55
Think with photos. Whether this makes us think rather than fight. Let us put our feet on the ground. Let's use the intelligence and heart. Reflexionemos con las fotos. Que esto nos haga pensar y no pelear. Pongamos los pies sobre la tierra. Usemos la inteligencia y el corazon. From. Tierra del Fuego - Chile.
2008-06-16 02:34:47
Very communicative. Thanks. Simone Severini
2008-05-23 18:36:15
lets face it, germans are rich!
2008-04-29 11:46:01
Also, what are germans doing drinking dos equis?
2008-04-16 04:35:34
This is a great and instructive set of pics! Thank you, gianfly for sharing it.
2008-04-16 02:02:07
Try telling the people who DDT could have saved from malaria that DDT will only increase their well being for a short amount of time. I'm sure they'd rather be alive.
2008-03-31 23:18:28
where is "pricelesss"?
2008-02-07 17:16:29
yes, this is the main problem
2008-02-07 03:19:39
Population control in Africa isn't the problem. It's the 300 million plus Americans consuming 30 percent of the worlds resources.
2008-02-06 01:18:47
Condoms? Birth control? What are you looking at? How about differing cultures and basic human biological needs. One should not assume any of those photographed were ever unplanned or unwanted or starving or miserable. You have assumed much and missed more. I did not see starvation in any photo including Chad. I saw a families sitting in front of what appears to be a weeks supply of food. If they were starving, the food would be missing. The food that appears is typicl for what their land can provide and what they customarily eat. Not everyone needs to overeat to be a healthy & contributing member of their society. I agree the American food looks like unhealthy packaged junk and fortunately nothing like what I have in my home. I do provide better for my family as these photos seem to be saying the same as well. Its just a difference in what nations eat and who lives with who, thats all. Birth control, condoms?? Thats quite an assumption and none of our business. Shame on all you Archie Bunkers out there!
2008-02-06 00:40:06
2008-02-05 22:20:29
dobre, ale co do Polski to tylko bogacze tyle wydaj± !!! as Poland only rich people can afford to spend so much for foor... the majority has far less
2008-02-05 16:20:19
but one thing made me curious, since when do italians drink less wine than germans or was there a 10 liter tank of wine under the table at the italian family.
2008-02-05 14:04:02
geezzz the american food looked so much less healthy than all the other foods. it was ALL packaged, almost without exception. it was amazing to see how the ammount of packaging decreased as the price dropped. the best looking food of all was the Italians, followed by the Egyptians and the Mexicans. I got hungry looking at how fresh and unprocessed these foods looked, as opposed to the packaged and processed american foods. no wonder we are fat ...
2008-02-05 10:10:55
in case anyone care these pics came from a book which has a lot of more pictures I got it from the library (and I can't remember the exact name right now) it also has essays and more statistics and the sort great book. also in my opinion it is not food, nor condoms but education what is needed. The more educated people are they will have less children and will be more prepared for life. But this is also not a priority for, well, political reasons. educated people also start to question their governments and the sort.
2008-02-05 08:04:25
DDT?! no, that just makes things worse in the long run. Using DDT and other things which are absolutely terrible for the environment just increases people's wellbeing for a short amount of time. As for condoms, absolutely! I think it is morally wrong for those people to keep having children. They are being stupid and just sickeningly immoral by bringing another life into this world fully knowing that the conditions it will be born to will be as they are.
2008-02-05 05:43:55
$341 a week for food? I couldn't spend that much if I tried! Feeding a family of 3, eating out at least once a week (usually sushi), and eating very well at home I'll spend at MOST $200/week. Usually closer to $125-150.
2008-02-05 04:56:32
Mexicans do like their Coca-cola (and pineapple-flavored soft drinks), even in Mexico. Condoms: agreed. But also mosquito nets, microloans, DDT (for limited use around perimeter of houses), and human-powered pumps for clean potable water for each village. There's one where that can be pumped by hand and also done pedaled like a stationary bike. These things can have enormous Benefit/Cost ratios when done the right way. Food just keeps them alive another day or another week.
2008-02-05 04:33:39
So having children that you know will starve is just okay with you? Its not about the having one or two children, its about them having huge amounts of children.
2008-02-05 04:32:19
Unfortunately the main religions that have invaded Africa also teach them that contraception is evil, they are largely responsible for this horror.
2008-02-05 04:10:50
mike and Wabbitseason, u stupid bastards ... Who do you think you are to decide who can procreate and who cannot ? you have the money for it, so you can have children ? its not only a matter of money, its also a matter of Humanity. Damn :( stupids
2008-02-05 03:30:33
I promise you the person that compiled these images cares nothing more than have a couple of saps like you write how "sobering" it is. PLEASE, dont encourage these guys. We should be sending condoms over- not food. Americans are just as bad- why procreate if you cant afford to? The joy of having a starving child? Some people really need to think outside the box here.
2008-02-05 01:30:55
Agreed, what's worse is they don't take in to account, Americans, (me included) love of fast food
2008-02-05 01:20:52
This is very think what we take for granted.