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Old Comments:

2010-07-12 15:15:29
That´s what I´m gonna do sometimes - post something out of the ordinary. And that is exactly why I asked for some feedback for this photo I posted (fear). I wanted to know what goes on in people´s heads when they see something different...
2010-07-12 15:09:39
Jujuba - If you decide to keep posting, post what you like...what appeals to you. I suspect that some of the folks that complain about the sameness of photos are the ones that are quick to downvote something that is different - not the norm.
2010-07-12 15:02:36
That´s only one of the big problems of this site Connie. You know, funny thing is that there are so many users that complain this place is getting boring cause always the same kind of photos are uploaded (mountain, river, garden) - oh well, interestingly enough, when users try to upload something different or 'not their style', it gets downvoted! Go figure! :-|
2010-07-12 03:45:48
I understand your decision jujuba. I myself have given up. My uploads keep getting downvoted because of me not the photographers, so it's embarassing for me and unfair for them. I won't be posting anymore photos once I finish posting the remaining ones in my folder.
2010-07-11 15:55:28
Yes, that is the only downside to doing things the right way. And when you see your photos downvoted too, it makes it a little bit more frustrating, not that I am obsessed with that. It's jsut that it's hard to find good photos from these sources. I look forward to seeing your photos Jujuba from Deviant and Flickr. I think alot of people will like your work there. I wish you all the very best with that... :)
2010-07-11 15:22:02
Yeah, unfortunately doing the right thing gives us more work :-| When my portfolios are ready in Deviant and Flickr, I´ll leave the links here so you can take a look ;-)
2010-07-11 15:19:55
lol! :P Besides 'the trouble to find decent photos, crop and re-size them ,document them and post them' - don´t forget that after finding them, there´s also the trouble of writing to the photographer and waiting for a response. It´s a lot of work. Anyways Patito, I never said I was leaving. I just said I was gonna stop posting photos for some time and that for two reasons: as a protest for nothing changing in this site (yeah, as if me doing that would change anything around here, but still) and because it´s a long process to write to the photographers and wait for their response, so I need to collect more photos before uploading them...I might post one here and there if I find them in Creative Commons though. And about the downvoting, I´m not even talking about my pictures, they do good - but I see a lot of unfairness around with other members, and not everyone has the patience and tolerance we do. And it´s a pity sometimes to see 'beginners' fleeding this place due to being scared of the reactions of people here. We need new blood - not talking about new nicknames, but new uploaders.
2010-07-11 15:11:34
Thanks for your feedback Skip - I was really just curious :-)
2010-07-11 10:58:58
Dear Jujuba...please don't go..I have seen this happen way too many times...someone comes along with taste, a good eye, and the willingnes to do the work of finding and posting quality pics, but then they become discouraged by the down-voting and go away. Yes, this site is infested with pin-heads and juvenile delinquents and jealous third-rate hacks who come here to downvote because it gives them the only sense of power in their otherwise pathetic little lives, and yes, it can be discouraging to go to the trouble to find decent photos, crop and re-size them , document them and post them just to see them voted down. Believe me, I know how it feels. But despite all that some of us have stayed the course and kept at it, year after year, at least partly because we refuse to give the little downvoting creeps the satisfaction of having driven us away. You are among a small group of what I call elite posters, and you would be sorely missed if you haul down your banner and cut and run. I urge you to please reconsider. Don't Give Up The Ship ! Stick By Your Guns! Never Surrender or Retreat !
2010-07-11 10:57:23
I posted a very similar pic to this jujuba, of a woman in Saint Marks square fighting off the pigeons, I remember it did bad at first and then later started to get votes. I think that's what the regular downvoters do, is hit the pics early, and then if other people don't reverse the downvotes the pic gets lost. I like to see action or realistic shots like this, especially of people, much better than posing, like a model, because it shows real life.
2010-07-11 10:32:22
I agree, Jujuba....
2010-07-11 10:31:41
I will miss your posts, Jujuba. And I wish you well with the other photography sites. And I'm sure your own photos will do well. You take great photos. I know what you mean about posting pictures here. I have sort of stopped posting myself. It's very hard to find good photos when all the fields you can visit are public domain and creative commons. It's very restricting doing things that way. But I also know too, that doing it that way is the best way too, as regards to copyright...
2010-07-11 03:47:07
Obs.: if this ridiculous voting system and top list vanish one day, the only option people will have to show if they liked or disliked a photo will be making comments - then yes, things will become interesting!
2010-07-11 03:44:48
Mary - there was no right or wrong thing to say here dear... Anyone has the right to like or dislike a photo - what I don´t agree with is when people come to Pixdaus simply to downvote everything and don´t even give an explanation... While other photos which are nonsense or even disgusting get 20, 30 + votes - I would like to know what´s so good about those! (people could comment why it´s getting so many votes, but they dont). Shows that most dont understand bollocks about photography and are here only for competition. But anyways, I guess everyone knows that already. I won´t be posting pictures for some time now. There´s no point in spending a lot of time to ask for permission from photographers and wait for their response to upload them in a site that makes no sense, it´s boring! I´ll come to check other members´ photos here but will spend more time investing in REAL photography sites...I´ve even posted some of my own photos in challenges, let´s see how they do :P (* bites nails *)
2010-07-10 23:11:26
Did I say the right thing, Jujuba ? I hope so. I like to see photos that I like (ones I post or postings by others), do well and get positive votes. But I'm not obsessed about votes though. If they go down, they go down. You can't please everyone. I'm more interested in the actual photo....
2010-07-10 15:47:52
** Under a creative commons license / some rights reserved - photographer permits the photo to be copied, distributed, exhibited and executed as long as proper credit is given.
2010-07-10 15:47:37
Thanks for your feedback´ve made my point ;-) Many, many people in this site are only interested in votes - they don´t know why a photo is being upvoted, or downvoted, or what it means, and actually they don´t care...votes are more important than comments. Please! End the voting system! And yeah - at first, I was kinda scared of her face, it´s not pretty...but then, when I starting picturing her screaming at the pigeons and waving her hands in the air with everyone around looking, it became kinda funny :P
2010-07-10 11:13:16
I think it's very funny; we need more photos like that on Pixdaus.
2010-07-10 10:38:04
I would say that it is due to the sheer look of terror that is upon the woman's face, Jujuba. But I can understand too why she would give that look and be afraid of that pigeon doing some harm to her....
2010-07-10 05:50:27
I know it´s gonna be voted to oblivion, so please do it fast :D :P
2010-07-10 05:49:24
He he, before posting this picture I had no idea what the reaction from the members would be :P Cause this is not usually the kind I post... Now just curious: what makes this photo so hateful? Is it the terror of having pigeons attack you? Is it the woman´s ugly face? I want to understand, so please give me some feedback, even if under a fake name, I dont mind :-)