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Old Comments:

2009-03-14 16:11:27
ahhh darn it - I meant flower (not thumper)!
2009-03-14 16:10:19
Bambi & Thumper...awww cute!
2009-03-10 21:12:23
Thanks -I'm going to save those two links for future reference.
2009-03-10 12:23:16
Oops! I was trying to reply to FuzzyBlueOne with the accent keyboard tricks
2009-03-10 12:11:46
Thanks A Bouts - I already have my keyboard set up to type in French and English. But, I'll look in those sites.
2009-03-10 06:02:48
Poppy - What I mean re Russian alphabets: When I type in French (from just a word to a whole reports), the FRENCH ACCENTS work. When I type information on a French Internet Site, the FRENCH ACCENTS work. When I put an accent on a word in comment in Pixdaus (see pepe in 2nd comment from above) it comes out like what I think is a Russian alphabet.
2009-03-10 03:34:27
I have a bilingual keyboard also, English and something else... I don't understand why the Russian alphabets would have anything to do with your accent marks not working on Pixdaus...
2009-03-10 01:35:21
I forgot to add that happens to others when making their comments in French. Drats those Russian alphabets ;-) You're in full form Patito - my chuckle for the day.
2009-03-10 01:30:59
My keyboard is bilingual like me - French & English. When doing contract work and my geneology research, I work in both languages. I have no problem using my accents on other sites, including ones from France.
2009-03-09 23:54:52
Sorry, I mean the top row of the actual keyboard where the letters and numbers are, not the F1 - F12 buttons. The row where the numbers are: my last (small) button on the right has the accent marks.
2009-03-09 22:48:17
Do you mean f12? I don't see a key that says accents :)
2009-03-09 22:47:21
2009-03-09 22:41:31
Maybe you are not using the right accent mark. Keyboards are different, but my accent marks are on the last key on the right in the top row. You have to press the accent mark FIRST and nothing appears on the screen, but when you then press the letter above which you want the accent to be, THEN it appears. é. à. Voilà!
2009-03-09 21:49:06
Back when I was a kid a family of skunks started coming to our church on Sunday mornings..they brought their own pew.
2009-03-09 12:56:06
Aahhhh...une petite fille skunk (I forgot the French work for starts with pu...). By the way, how come you put the accent on the last e of Pepe and it worked? Everytime I try to use my french accents, I get the above. It coverts to a Russian alphabet.
2009-03-09 12:25:12
Pepe - the suave and debonair french skunk that was always chasing Penelope the poor kitty that got white paint down her back so Pepe thought she was un petit femme skunk
2009-03-09 12:12:03
That's a nicer and funnier caption than what the photographer used. If I remember correctly, Pepé Le Pew was a cartoon character...correct?
2009-03-09 11:09:30
Bambi meets Pepé Le Pew.