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Old Comments:

2011-09-16 18:48:05
I started to repost photos on Tuesday. Under a photo 'Milk Queen Valdimir Zetov', I told everyone that I was posting under helmut1 since I could no longer post under 'Connie' - I ticked Pixdaus off ;-) I did a search on (nothing showed up), Google Image and Pixdaus using the caption then the photographer's name (nothing showed up). I did three different searches, so I don't know what else I could have done. The one posted by Just Me is a different photo. I just searched Google Images using Just Me's photography name. It showed up on with the photographer's name Just Me gave. Mine was on 500px (I forgot to add that - sorry). It does not mean that one of us gave it the wrong name. Obviously the photographer uses two different names on those sites; which is not unusual at all. I see that a lot. Today, Only I just posted Just Me's version using a different photographer's name 'Mudibi Dewandis'. I searched it - the name does not show up at all. Just because someone mentions a repost, does not mean the original poster is the one who did that. I've been accused of that and it's not true. I will try to post under my real name Aline today, but I could not do so on Tuesday and Wesnesday.
2011-09-16 13:51:30
Apparently Adib Muhandis and Dewan Irawan are companion photographers who go on shoots together. When this scene was shot, they were together and took separate photos. I think that Dewan Irawan altered the water colors in his (to make the water bluer) and his version is a bit more saturated (a matter of personal taste). The Muhandis shot, on the other hand, has a greater depth of field to include the foreground foliage and to put the background in better focus. So birdie245, both of us have the photographers names correct. However, I still wonder why you are involved. So it is not a repost, which was never an issue for me in the first place, but it is somewhat of a curiosity. By the way, the differing titles, for the two photos, is also correct as Muhandis and Irawan gave their photos different names.
2011-09-16 13:28:26
Well birdie245, they are not the same photograph, although obviously the same subjects. The fisherman has a different posture, the net a different position, my photo shows some foreground foliage and is less saturated than the helmut1 photo. As to which is best, I would say that it is mostly a matter of personal opinion. Who are you and why are you involved in this in the first place? You jumped in to this very quickly for somebody not involved. I seriously doubt if you are helmut1.
2011-09-16 13:17:43
Ok birdie245, let's look at them together.
2011-09-16 12:22:22
Repost Alert must be Just Me who posted this pic before: Helmut1's copy is much better, though. One of you has got the photographer's name wrong because Just Me states it as Adib Muhandis.
2011-09-16 09:49:13