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2010-04-18 22:45:11
Thankyou Coy. You are much too kind....:)
2010-04-18 22:41:48
Yet another great posting Mary. I must agree with quest4tv15a that you do have a great knack for finding these wonderful scenics..
2010-04-18 17:31:14
Thankyou so much for your very kind words, quest4tvl5a. I appreciate them very much. So glad you like this picture... :)
2010-04-18 17:24:17
PictureGirl, you have a real knack for finding great scenics. I really like this one.
2010-04-18 16:22:25
Glad it gives you so many happy memories, Connie... :)
2010-04-18 15:58:25
I love rural scenes; they remind me of my childhood growing on a small farm.
2010-04-18 15:49:02