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Old Comments:

2009-05-12 18:13:30
That's exactly the point, nevermore! And it's majoritarian this islamic voting-gang who upvote every shit from their "friends". They just vote the name.
2009-05-12 16:39:58
"AntiCheatingCoalitio" do you photos Maosud Fardmanesh ???????????????
2009-05-12 16:30:50
"AntiCheatingCoalitio" you mad -- you go to Dr.
2009-05-12 16:23:34
i dont know if farhad or others are voting for their own pictures ( i thought this would not be possible? )... but i know that some people here dont vote every time for the pictures... they just vote the name. i found several pictures that were truly bad... but they had masses of points... and if you read who post them you know why. all the same names...every time.
2009-05-12 16:19:52
"AntiCheatingCoalitio" you mad -- you go to Dr.
2009-05-12 16:06:35
farhad is continuous upvoting MASSIVE for his own pics! Tonight again over 50 (!) of his pics "suddenly" get popular! But they are ALL older than 3 MONTHS!! It is out of all reason that all of you let farhad get away with it!!!! VOTE FARHAD DOWN! farhad makes himself what he's DEFINITELY not: a good uploader who belongs on the Top-List! If you want back a fair Pixdaus, you have to do something! VOTE CHEATER AND SELFVOTER DOWN! (Like Artemis and "a wahab" too!)