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Old Comments:

2008-09-08 00:42:52
this was vaguely interesting the 3,419th time i saw it.
2008-09-06 02:22:38
this was vaguely interesting the 3,419th time i saw it.
2008-09-05 20:50:11
"No orginality, not real effort to do." The author has been in all those different places and took these photos. It's not a common thing to do. If every Dumbass did something like this, then it wouldn't be original.
2008-07-23 18:21:51
I think it's fun, shows humor...and I think this site could use more of that. Nice pic red, thanks for sharing it.
2008-07-23 17:05:47
I second didgeridood on this. Voting everything negative just because u can, it's just something a dumbass would do. If u don't like anything here, than stop f@#%&*g browsing this site! But that's just my opinion... A lot of dumbasses around here will disagree with me.
2008-07-23 02:54:37
It's just a figure of speech! :D
2008-07-23 02:53:08
Well then, your name fits you well! :D
2008-07-23 02:27:04
It's a stupid, boring, common perspective trick. No orginality, not real effort to do. Plus, I vote against *everything* that I have to scroll that many times to get past.
2008-07-22 23:08:17
"Brilliant" may be overstating it a bit,but I agree it's pretty cool..can't understand why anyone would vote negative...
2008-07-22 22:40:13
To all you people who voted negative, $^$@, $%*(*, )&(^##^&!!! That was brilliant! Thanks Luckyred! I'm saving that pic before these blow hards get this voted off. :D