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2010-11-07 02:36:11
Copyright is a set of exclusive rights granted to the author or creator of an original work, including the right to copy, distribute and adapt the work.
2010-06-09 06:15:16
Beautiful fall scene. Excellent photo.
2009-02-11 23:10:29
Buncha Sixes wrote in Farhad Speak, Farhad wrote as she always does, and I just carried on in the same "lingo". I guess I was just fed up to my gills with 'pseudo English' which seems to be much in evidence everywhere. Sarcastic? Guilty; occasionally. Snotty? Not guilty. Condescending? Not guilty. Childish? Most definitely, and I hope I never grow up. ;-) All you Blank People, please take a name. You are taking ANONYMOUS to another level. ;-)
2009-01-30 04:35:56
2009-01-30 04:19:10
we must all join together as one blankness, then and only then, will we truly be blank.
2009-01-30 04:08:53
I want to be blank person! Let us all contribute to the blankness! I will go and contribute now.
2009-01-30 03:55:00
(I was just kidding) With everyone here being someone else could I be a blank person too?
2009-01-30 03:45:36
You are right -She was trying to be funny- I apologize to poppy- I don't believe I said anything that was racist - perhaps there is a third blank.
2009-01-30 00:37:35
I was talking to the other blank patito not to you. sorry for the confusion. We are two people sharing the blankness!!
2009-01-30 00:33:12
You're right..I have made some snide remarks, and probably some that were worse than snide..but I'd be interested to know what remarks I've made that could be construed as racist?
2009-01-30 00:21:31
I think she was trying to be funny, you have made some snide remarks yourself, some were over the top and others were downright racist sounding. Too bad they don't cut you any slack in the virtual world, but then you always come along with a joke or somthing nice to say. Sorry to make you look paranoid by using your blank, but do we really care?
2009-01-30 00:16:47
Click on the name is you're not sure..there are trolls here who steal people's names from time to time ( it's happened to me several times) but I'm pretty sure in this case that was the real Poppy... she's off roundin' up reindeer in Lapland right now, and can't respond to your remark..but I can tell you that she has waged a long and bruising battle with posters like Farhad and others who spam this site with photos that are for the most part mediocre post-card and wallpaper quality stuff, then engage in massive up-voting of their own posts, and she was just expressing her frustration...Poppy is among a small and diminishing core group of what I call elite posters,and we should all hope she'll return ...
2009-01-29 15:08:44
گر سزاوار است آن است که دوست با جزر زندگی ات آشنا شود ، بگذار تا با مد آن نیز آشنا گردد ، زیرا چه امیدی است به دوستی که می خواهی در کنارش باشی ، تنها برای ساعات و یا قلمرو مشخصی ؟ جبران خلیل جبران
2008-12-11 05:34:54
Me no speak englis either. It not my language. Farhad post paper for wall, been here may time before. Now I go sleep - no good picture I see. This is place for child only. Where is grown up persons? Night I wish you all, from me, poppy.
2008-12-10 22:56:09
2008-12-10 22:37:27
A beautiful