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Old Comments:

2010-09-29 04:30:04
You don't need to say you are sorry Coy; you just wanted some clarification. Like you, I always check newly added before I post - in case.... My computer is pretty well always on during the day and evening, while I'm working on a contract or my special project. During that time, I go in and out of Pixdaus to take a break and rejuvenate. So, I don't have a set way of I think that a lot of folks on Pixdaus don't vote at the same time as they upload or commenting. It's to keep the voting top secret ;-)
2010-09-29 04:13:58
Hello connie, no I have not seen any other comment, but I do want to say that I am sorry for my comment. That is not like me at all. It was completly out of character for me.I never say anything about how people like or dislike my postings, and how you vote is none of my business.So again connie, forgive this old dummy. I always check newly added before posting to make sure that ,for example, I will not be posting a bird picture after several bird pictures have already been posted for that day. So, whike I am checking newly added I go ahead and do my voting. Not to say that we all do it the same way...
2010-09-28 05:09:08
COY - I'm not sure if you saw my above comment. I'm sorry if you feel that I may not like the photos you post; that's not the case.
2010-09-27 12:21:48
I very often vote for your posts. However, when I post and/or make comments, I very rarely vote on the photos and comments at that time; I usually do that at another time. I'm on my computer on and off quite a lot during the day - even in the late evening. I'm doing contract work in the human resource field, and I'm also working on a special project...researching, writing etc. To take a break and rest my brain, I get on Pixdaus on and off throughout the day. On one visit I may post, another visit I read some comments and maybe vote on them then, or I wait to think about a response and vote then, another visit I take time to look at the photos and vote. None of that is in that order. The funny thing is I sometime vote twice and get the message I already voted. I have even clicked on the up botton on my own photos in an absent-minded way ;-) I tend to forget when I did what doing it that way...especially when I'm at a complex point in my work. Another reason why I mix things up is so that folks on Pixdaus don't know if, what & when I voted. I like to treat my voting on Pixdaus the same way as my voting at the poling station during elections - with some privacy. I sometimes don't see all the 'newly added'. That's the first thing I click on when I get on the site for the first time that day. I later on see them under 'Recently commented'. I don't don't know if I'm being adsent minded or what. As for other premium users down voting my uploads, I have always said that they are more likely to downvote my uploads than the folks with only one vote. that than the folks with only one vote. I have many times seen my uploads going down by 3 votes at a time.
2010-09-27 09:39:16
Very nice postings today connie. I earlier voted on the owl and the koi fingerlings, but I no sooner had voted them up by Plus 3 and another premium user voted them back down. I also notice that you rarely vote for any of my postings. I suppose that you do not find them good enough, and that is ok. That is the way it is suppose to be.I know that you are going to ask me how I would know this, and I guess that my only answer would be that I could not be 100 percent. Perhaps you could do it days after my posting. Often times I have posted just before you or just after you and i will watch the votes for a long time and they will not be voted up by one or three. I could be in error on this, but it is so very odd. If I am in error ,forgive me. If I am not in error then I will assume that it is just because that you do not find my postings to your liking.