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Old Comments:

2010-10-28 09:28:51
Yes, you most certainly ARE an annoying idiot, "Palito," aka poppy cheats, poppy is a cheater, patito is a liar and etc ad nauseum. You go around accusing people of everything your fevered and paranoid brain imagines when in fact you are jealous of those who are your betters and who have contributed infinitely more to this site than you ever have or ever will. Everyone is sick of you and your stupid, obnoxious, pig-headed, viscious comments, so why don't you go stick your head in the potty and flush yourself down into the sewer where you belong, among your fellow turds.
2010-10-28 08:11:38
...and I am an annoying idiot! Sincerely, Patito
2010-10-28 02:18:13
What a beautiful picture ! It captures the very essence of fall and the harvest season. And please let me take this opportunity to ask all of you once again to forgive me for all the heartless and mindless comments I've made about our friend Poppy, who posts some of the best photos on this site. When I'm honest with myself I have to admit that I'm really just a no-talent loser and a psychotic weirdo, and I'm extremely jealous of those with greater ability than I have, which is, of course, almost everyone. That kind of realization can make a person bitter and angry, and sometimes I lash out at bright, talented people. I can only hope that everyone can and will take all this into consideration and find it within yourselves to pardon me for my behavior. Thank you !
2010-10-27 22:02:35