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Posted By:Luckyred

Old Comments:

2008-03-15 03:01:32
this is the face of your diplomatic shortcomings and weakness of superior cognition. Might is Right is quite Contrite and now you will burn in the fire's light
2008-03-07 01:42:11
That's right... No need for politics among art. That's what Hitler said anyway...
2008-03-07 01:37:05
are you sure? Ithink it was just an ordinary minus vote.
2008-03-07 01:22:58
More political BS on a photo site. One big minus vote.
2008-03-07 00:51:59
your mom must be pretty stupid
2008-03-07 00:08:37
fuck all wars
2008-03-06 23:50:41
Not so much "So what?" for me as the fact that the phrase "war is hell" isn't just a trite expression. And remember in the first Gulf War, the Iraqis had actually invaded another country before US intervention.
2008-03-06 23:17:38
So what? BOO-YEAH!!!