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Old Comments:

2008-05-15 05:07:52
The USS Yorktown (CV-5) was sunk at the Battle of Midway. The USS Bon Homme Richard (CV-10) was renamed Yorktown on 26 September 1942. The USS Yorktown (CV-10) was commissioned on 15 April 1943 at the Norfolk Navy Yard, Captain Joseph J. Clark in command.
2008-03-15 03:38:52
I know there is another Yorktown carier in San Francisco, as a museum.
2008-03-14 19:45:03
Wasn't Yorktown sunk in 1942 @ Midway?
2008-03-13 09:29:10
The Hellcat had a three bladed prop - what you could be referring to is the vapour trail left by the tip of each blade as it cut through the air. The water vapour then corkscrews toward the tail in the wash of the prop.
2008-03-13 08:48:20
How many props are installed on this aircraft? I can see 6.