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Old Comments:

2010-07-10 15:09:03
Maybe there is some mischief afoot ;-)
2010-07-10 13:06:53
That is what I meant in the comment where I put the link to Tineye. I'm not too sure if that link loads up well on your computer or not Connie, but in that link, it has 124 results for that photo. So there you are... that backs up what you have said here. Thankyou Connie... :)
2010-07-10 12:58:51
Marco Fulle can go after the folks on re compensation; that photo is all over the Internet. Also, it's my understanding that since the National Geographic Society published the photo, it's public domain. According to courts in Canada and the United States (I can't speak for other countries, as I don't know), photo sites such as Pixdaus YouTube etc cannot be held responsible for what the users upload on their sites.
2010-07-10 11:24:00
We have 1 comment(s) for this pic: This photo has been stolen from here: and the fact National Geographic published it proves teh author is in fact Marco Fulle: I ask for the immeditae cancellation of this photo from pixdaus, and to contact me at to agree on the copyright fee violation compensation. Sincerely Marco Fulle - 0 vote(s) | rate comment: | written by: Marco Fulle at 2010-06-01 12:17:40 | reply to this
2010-07-10 11:23:08
Did you read the comment there on that page, Connie ? That is why I said to be careful...
2010-07-10 11:11:34
I did a search under Eyjafjallajokullac AND Finland Volcano AND huffingpost; nothing showed up. I don't remember seeing that photo on Pixdaus before. I went to your link and it only shows a red x and a comment. Huffingpost, where I found the photo, did not indicate who the photographer was. Be careful of what?
2010-07-10 10:51:05
Just thought that I would leave the link here from where I found the other post from. I found it on Tineye, but by the look of it, this link has been posted alot of times on the internet, so I wonder why we get singled out to have that picture removed (see link in previous comment) ?
2010-07-10 10:46:11
Would this help to know who the photographer is ? It was posted to Pixdaus on a previous occasion, but has been deleted since. Please be careful, Connie....
2010-07-10 05:41:49
Thanks walanga - the photographer (unknown) for huffingpost did a great job
2010-07-10 02:19:10
Beautiful! Amazing! Terrifying! Great photo.