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2010-08-07 12:25:08
The pic is stunning as is the girl.
2008-08-03 14:39:10
clearly shopped
2008-04-01 10:36:27
Inncence eyes with full dreams
2008-03-23 18:27:38
I don't know about eyes, they do look natural, but face skin is clearly processed.
2008-03-23 09:02:30
I won't say photo-shopped, but she does have eye-liner and other eye makeup on. They don't normally. I would say, her eyes are quite beautiful...would've been moreso without makeup.
2008-03-23 08:15:22
2008-03-23 05:39:44
Words of the Photographer Rick: "My wife and I were visiting a school in Sawai Madhopur, India. This beautiful little girl is one of the students. Her eyes, outlined in the red scarf, caught my attention immediately. Hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I did recording it."