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Old Comments:

2011-04-06 20:27:36
This is another of my uploads today that has been taking hard hits in the last couple of hours. It is another photo from Dr. Siwanowicz that was in my husbands e-mail photo collection of e-mail received photos. Not too long ago, this photo, had a vote rating of +19 and it has since dropped to +7 losing 12 votes in the last couple of hours. It is obvious that people are voting these photos down because I uploaded them and I am a newcomer here. Remember, I did not take the photo, Dr. Siwanowicz took it and it is a very good macro photo and it should be considered on it's merits as a photo and not mine as an uploader. It is quite likely not the best macro photo of the day, but it is a good one, and certainly not deserving on down voting. ......... ∆∆∆