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Old Comments:

2010-01-26 03:16:16
Dear Mr. Bored: Let me say how pleased we all are with the progress you've shown over the past several months. The ability to freely express yourself is of paramont importance in achieving the level of emotional stability that will be required in order for us to recommend that you be released from confinement here at the institution. We hope that you will continue your program of therapy and medication as recommended by the psychiatric staff. Sincerely, Haywood Jablome, Director Patito Institute for the Treatment of Chronic Assholistic Disorders
2010-01-26 02:34:25
you are quick deleting pics against you, you little butt-fucker! why aren't you so quick by deleting these annoying pics of "Explode1"! aren't you "a sort of" admin here or are you just a bossy little wanker? you only post your troll pics and start whining like a little girl, damn arrogant asshole! Go and fuck yourself or your mother or other barnyard animals...
2010-01-26 02:30:56
I think it's some kind of professional disorder combine with my personal nature. :) I'm glad that you take a little coffee break. Stay cool! Squirrel will take care of fire after explode! ;)
2010-01-26 01:56:10
You're a really nice, decent, and gentle fellow, El Peon....I admire your ability to remain calm and your willingness to extend the hand of friendship and the rose of peace to Explode...I don't know if that's your own personal nature or your cultural heritage...maybe it's any case it's something to be admired and respected.....but my tolerance for Explode and his behavior here has been totally depleted....I have had it with the sonofabitch...he is a barbarian, a vandal, a hoodlum and a common criminal as far as I'm concerned...the name he has chosen for himself tells the story pretty well..if he could literally, physically, blow this site and all of us to smithereens I doubt not one monment he would do it...he's a lunatic, a fanatic and a terrorist....he posts statements extolling the virtues of democracy and freedom of expression, yet has no concept of what those things are or what those words mean... However, I do thank you for your offer of a nice cup of coffee..I'm having one now : ) ...despite being pissed at Explode's terrorist attack against the site this morning, I'm pretty happy with the world... my team won last night and is going to the Super Bowl...Geaux 'Saints !!!!!
2010-01-26 01:39:09
Be a gentleman patito.... Take a break with nice cup of coffee.. ~\_/o