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Old Comments:

2009-04-15 11:27:33
Don't have too...your troll uses two iis
2009-04-15 11:26:50
Is your middle name Cohise, monsieur patiito?
2009-04-15 09:55:42
Click on the names if there's any doubt in your minds...
2009-04-15 09:54:59
I might not disagree with thie above statement, but I DID NOT post it...OMG is not in my vocabulary...some little cocksucker has stolen my identity again...happens regularly...
2009-04-15 09:52:45
I don't know if it is - I didn't even know that a flower was named after Diana...sorry about your rose.
2009-04-15 09:27:51
OMG you are some very young and cute people who don't know a classic from the 80s must be so young you haven't even grown pubic hair so why care about an old song from the 80s or anything that happened in recent history so just keep frolicking and jumping around like little cute sheep yes.
2009-04-15 09:00:31
Could this be the Diana Princess of Wales rose? I just got one last year and am hoping it will bloom this year -Doesn't look good though -it has sustained a lot of winter damage.
2009-04-15 08:52:12
I don't think it takes Islander TOO much time to copy and paste these long rambling meaningless diatribes. --(Oh by the way 'Too much time on my hands' is by Styx.)
2009-04-15 08:43:25
OMG connie is such a lovely clean and beautiful soul she does not deserve that kind of treatment, yes.
2009-04-14 14:13:30
No, I've never heard of that song, and I'm sure Islander never has. This is not the first time I've seen this happen. I think these babblers get on the wrong site.
2009-04-14 13:27:26
Hey connie, did you ever hear that song called Too much time on my hands ? I wonder if islander ever heard it? anyway beautiful rose connie! love the pink and yellow combination.
2009-04-14 07:03:14
Both photos - foxgloves & pastel rose - were quite big before I uploaded them. Anyways, it worked - I didn't get a big black blob ;-)