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Old Comments:

2010-10-14 12:53:02
Do you folks get the feeling we don't see all the photos. Many times I see photos under 'Recently commented' that I've never seen before; yet based on the comments, the photo would have been posted the last few days or couple of weeks. Every time I get on Pixdaus I check 'Newly added'; yet, I'm sure that I don't see all.
2010-10-14 08:38:15
It's a new one for me Skip, and I've been here for awhile now... :)
2010-10-14 08:34:37
It's ok, Connie, I've made that mistake many times myself, but atleast we are trying not to repost. Anyway it's a beautiful pic, so serene looking, and it's been so long since I posted it, I'm sure it's new to many people.
2010-10-14 06:36:53
While doing a search under the photographer's name and title to post another of his photos, I saw that Skip had already posted this photo. I'm sorry Skip. I did a lot of searches with photos I had; obviously I missed this one.