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Old Comments:

2008-08-21 13:05:14
It is possible this is legitimate, but I still have some doubt. I did a quick search on the name "Hiromichi Matsuda" and came up with the reciprocal link for the Nagasaki page, and a few other pages mostly detailing information on a different (I think) "Hiromichi Matsuda" that had US patents granted him in 2006, but there was nothing I found that gave any information on a photographer that was active during WW II by that name. Another point about this pic that doesn't make sense to me is that there should be some sort of fogging of the image due to the radioactivity that was released by the detonation of the bomb. And just to be picky, the title of this is wrong; if authentic, this image shows an instant soon AFTER the detonation of the bomb. A picture taken at the exact instant of the explosion would show only the very start of plasma bubble created by the implosion of the chemical trigger explosions, this would either be so small as to be undetectable at this distance, or it would be such a brilliant light as to have overexposed the film, judging by the size of the alleged mushroom cloud in the image.
2008-07-26 00:43:05
its a fake
2008-07-25 22:03:01
They read it on the internet, so it must be true! :)
2008-07-24 17:01:10
Well, I saw a copy of this picture there, but I didn't see any further documentation of it's veracity. In fact, the description given there makes me even more skeptical of the picture. I don't believe that the sound of a nuclear explosion could have escaped the attention of the people pictured in the foreground of this image.
2008-07-24 00:53:02
i was there, man. i took this picture. it was hot that day.
2008-07-23 09:42:46
Can you show some documentation to support your claim, jchip8? I can't see enough information in that picture to know it's even Japan, let alone that the cloud pictured is the result of an A-bomb going off while in the fissionary position...
2008-07-23 07:52:45
What does America say to Japan? Nothing. We already told them twice.