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Old Comments:

2011-09-05 05:42:27
What's that supposed to mean, Elite Pete ? My wonderful dad is Greek (from Cyprus) and is a good and decent man.....
2011-09-05 05:20:55
You know what they say about Greek men - one hole is as good as another.
2011-09-05 05:09:28
Maybe Lozio didn't see the part about these fellows being elite light infantry. 'Elite Infantry' means they know sixteen ways to kill you with a cigarette ligther, left-handed. On the other hand, they are Greeks, so you never know :)
2011-09-05 00:16:18
If you are ever in a taverna in Athens and encounter one of these chaps you can test your theory about them. Just sit down close to him and put your hand on his thigh. But first make sure your hospitalization insurance is paid up : )
2011-09-04 23:57:28
it seems a militart "gay pride" parade