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Old Comments:

2010-12-06 22:54:34
Hey, Happy ! The reason Unhappy took so long to make his comment is because Unhappy is a troll ( no wonder he's unhappy ) who has nothing better to do than spend all day digging through the archives loking for reposts. Give him a sense of mission and makes him feel important. Just ignore him and keep posting.
2010-12-06 17:36:31
And shouldn't Should Be be patito? You are trying to be clever patito, but you are pretty transparent most of the time.
2010-12-06 14:31:50
Thanks for pointing this out, unhappy jacko, I did error in reposting this, but I will assure you that I didn't repost on purpose. It does make me wonder, however, since my photo was uploaded six months ago, why it has taken you so long to make this comment?
2010-12-06 13:34:57
Shouldn't that be 'Unhappy Jackoff ?"
2010-12-06 13:32:47
nice bear but ebitary posted this pic before