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Old Comments:

2008-09-29 04:12:27
I am talking about House Sparrows (Passer domesticus): they are known to eat restaurant waste and household scraps – which also contain bread - and do not seem to be adversely affected by such a diet. I’ve seen them eat even french fries. The grit in their gizzards very effectively ‘churns’ all the food, so I don’t see how bread would be worse than any other food they eat. Your first point was that bread swells in their stomachs and can therefore kill them. They eat all kinds of grain and a great part of their diet consists of livestock feed, both of which swell, so how can bread alone be the killer? It just does not make sense to me. // Instead of focusing on bread, we should be looking at a much bigger threat to small birds: salmonellosis. Well-meaning people put birdfeeders in their gardens, especially in wintertime, but they forget to clean and disinfect them regularly, and if some birds carry salmonella or E.coli in their intestines, their droppings will contaminate the food and the bacteria will quickly spread and kill large numbers of birds. The feeding sites should be changed often, and the feeders have to be of the type where the birds cannot walk on the food (the table feeders are no good), and any fallen food should be removed. I laud you for the concern that you have for birds, that is a wonderful thing. I’ve been a bird-lover all my life, and I DON’T feed bread to sparrows. ;-)
2008-09-29 02:17:51
Sorry Poppy, I forgot to edit my comment...I meant to delete the last two sentences.
2008-09-29 02:10:23
Poppy, regarding your response to my comment re not to feed birds bread. Here's my response: My comments came from postings put up by our Park Boards in our city parks. Also, a few years ago a veterinarian had an article in the local newspaper asking people not to do it. Your argument is that you had never seen any dead birds, ever.... Unless one shoots a bird or the cat brings food home, etc. we generally don't see dead birds. The special sparrow graveyard comment was cute. Birds die all the time. Have you seen any dead ones on the streets lately?