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Old Comments:

2009-03-15 05:04:41
Мои дорогие англоязычные "друзья"! Вам рассказать, чем занимались ваши европейские дедушки здесь у нас в России? Вас может стошнить от некоторых подробностей. ЗЫ this marauder be "deportieren" in GULAG. DIXI.
2008-09-04 08:47:21
Femputer sentences you to DEATH!!! By Snu-Snu.
2008-09-04 04:47:42 do you get "raped to death"? oh by the way, read a book about Stalingrad.
2008-09-04 02:05:15
yeah maybe thats why they had to edit out all the wristwatches on the arm of the "hero" in the picture raising the soviet flag on the reichstag. .......How many people that "hero" had murdered that day for his loot, how many german women raped to death in front of their children no one will ever know....
2008-09-04 00:29:51
When you don't know what you are talking about keep your mouth shut, that way you don't look so stupid.
2008-09-03 17:01:02
Then my veteran step grandfather was bullshitting all the time when he talked about the war and the russian soldiers collecting watches. And my father's grandfather's death was a bullshit too, who was beaten to death by russian soldiers for his watch in front of his house.
2008-05-17 07:59:14
dude if you're being honest, that is sucha sad, tragic story and my heart goes to you. if you're bullshitting, you're a shitbag taking away from the real stories of such things that did happen. either way, occupiers--whether they were russian, german, and now american, whatever the case anywhere in history--are often really horrible people, but not all of them. the worst cases get highlighted. this photo is great just for that--illustrating "occupation" and the tragic stuff that is not shown, that will never be shown bc no one took a picture of it. enough, that's my anti-war bit for the day, thanks.